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posted 15 Nov 2014, 01:14 by Garret Byrne
Junior C Hurling Shield FINAL
Sun 9th Nov, in Carnmore

PADRAIG PEARSES........................1-10

A Kinvara adult hurling team played in a county final for the first time since 1978 and here is how it went via our LIVE facebook commentary.

"Its a beautiful day for the beautiful game, as our Junior C hurlers are now on route to Carnmore to play this Shield Final against Padraig Pearses. 
If about, why not pop over and support them. 
Throw in at 12noon.
Best of luck to the squad and management from all in Kinvara GAA.
Welcome LIVE to Carnmore for Junior C Shield Final between Kinvara and Padraig Pearses. Both teams on the field doing warm up. Rumour has it none of the kinvara squad were out last night..............after 2am!

Just started. The ball is thrown in......and the sides are level!
7 mins gone. Kinvara 0-4, Padraig Pearses 0-0. Good start for Kinvara. Fintan Byrne at centre forward has already scored three points from play.
20 mins gone: Kinvara 0-8, Pearses 0-3. We doing ok but a long way to go.
25 mins gone: Kinvara 0-9, Pearses 0-3.
Halftime......Kinvara 0-10, Padraig Pearses 0-3.
This is a tough match and the general play more balanced than the scoreboard may suggest. A goal for either side will go a long way to deciding this match. Kinvara's better scoretaking capabalities proving the main difference. In saying that, we can expect a better performance from Pearses in the second half, so our lads are going to have to improve too.

25 mins left....Kinvara 0-12, Pearses 0-4. Declan Keane with our two second half points. They had a penalty but it was rifled over the bar after a superb deflection off Conor Quinns hurl.
18 mins left.........Kinvara 0-14, Pearses 0-5. A nine point lead now.
16 mins left............Kinvara 0-14, Pearses 0-6. They pull back a point to bring margin back to 8.
14 mins left.......Kinvara 0-14, Pearses 0-8
10 mins left.......Kinvara 0-14, Pearses 0-9. They now scored three frees on the trot. Kinvara will have to steady this one. Next score is vital.
8 mins left..........Kinvara 0-15, Pearses 0-9. Deco Keane slots over his 4th from play in the second half.
5 mins left.........Kinvara 0-15, Pearses 0-9.
4 mins left...........Under pressure here. Another free now for Pearses. They should point this...or go for goal?
4 mins left..........a point for them....Now Kinvara 0-15, Pearses 0-10. It took a great save earlier from our goalie Conor Quinn to keep this margin.
3 mins left.............Kinvara 0-15, Pearses 0-10. All subs on now at this stage. Kinvara's Joe Byrne, the County Hurling Board Chairman is here. Will be present his first adult title to a Kinvara man in his five years of tenure, that is coming to an end this month?
2 mins left...........Kinvara 0-16, Pearses 0-10. Frankie Quinn slots over the free. Almost there.
1 mins left.........Kinvara 0-16, Pearses 0-10. Tommie K almost had a goal there. We on the attack. But bring it out.
Injury time.....ball into our square......and its that man Padraic Moylan bringing it out again. Up Crushoa! Up the field, and a wide for Kinvara. As good as a point?
Still injury time......still we lead by 6 points. And we coming good again and putting them under pressure. And now they regain it and putting us back under pressure!
Can only be moments left.......they on the attack.....they get a shot in.....a goal for them. Now Kinvara 0-16, Pearses 1-10. Hold on lads!
The whistle has blown!
Kinvara win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Final score was Kinvara 0-16, Pearses 1-10. 
Great win. Great scenes of joy here. Kinvara win our first county final at adult level in almost 40 years. Brillant stuff lads, just simply brillant. Enjoy your celebrations this afternoon, this evening and tonight!

Man of the Match: Michael O'Connor.

Kinvara: Conor Quinn, Darren Geaney, Padraic Moylan, Aidan Fahy, Michael O'Connor, John Kavanagh, Francis Comyn, Mickey Kavanagh, Dylan O'Hanrahan, John Donoghue, Fintan Byrne, Frankie Quinn, Shane Sullivan, Martin O'Connell, Declan Keane.
Subs (all came on): Ruairi Quinn (Capt), Tommie Kavanagh, Oisin Fahy and Colie McGarry.
Team Management: Tommie Hanlon, Michael Bermingham, FrankQuinn, Aidan Fahy.

Pearses: R. Treacy, A. Queeney, S. Kelly, B. Raftery, J. Kenny, E. Barrett, T. Carr, P. Bellew, D. Burke, D. Cunniffe, N. Barrett, S. Walsh, D. Lawless, P. Scarry, C. Queeney.
Subs (all came on): K. Clancy, N. Murray, D. Lydon, D. Mannion, P. Mahon.