Kinvara U21's march to County Final!

posted 23 Nov 2014, 08:02 by Garret Byrne
U21B Hurling Championship Semi-final
Sunday 23rd November, in Loughrea.


Kinvara great November run continues as our U21 hurlers dug deep to score a great win over an excellent Kilconieron side.
Here is the LIVE newsfeed from today's match.

"Welcome LIVE to St. Brendans Park, Loughrea, for this County U21B Championship semi-final between Kinvara and Kilconieron
The scene is set, pitch looking good and full credit to the local pitch committee. 
The two teams have arrived and are getting ready for the 11:30am throw-in.
Best of luck to Kinvara!
The teams are on the pitch, last few moments now before throw-in.
The Kinvara teamsheet today is:
Goals: Daragh Kilkelly 
Fullbacks: James Cronin-Rodger, Tadhg Reynolds, Steve Bermingham.
Halfbacks: Shane Byrne, Eanna Linnane, Mark Bermingham.
Midfield: James O'Hara, Ronan Kilkelly. 
Half-frowards: Gary Kilkelly, Conor Whelan, David Burke. 
Full-forwards: Ollie Nilan, Nessan O'Hanrahan, Rory Cullinane. 
Jason O'Connor, Dylan O'Hanrahan, Ciaran Whelan, Sean Linnane, John Donoghue. Owen Whelan.
The two teams are taking up their positions. Ball will be thrown in shortly. Can Kinvara reach their first County U21 Final in ten years?

Its on!
Based on the opening few seconds, it is clear both teams up for this one.
4 mins gone.....Kilconieron 0-2, Kinvara 0-0. They get one from play and other from a free.
7 mins gone....Kinvara 0-2, Kilconieron 0-2. Two pointed frees for Kinvara - one Ronan Kilkelly, other Conor Whelan. Two evenly matched teams so far. Kinvara playing in to the near goals, and there is not a puff of wind in the air.
12 mins gone.....Kinvara 0-4, Kilconieron 0-3.
15 mins gone.....Kinvara 1-4, Kilconieron 0-3.
A long high ball sent in.....superbly fielded by David Burke, after just being moved in, and he turned and made the space and rattled the ball to the back of the net.
16 mins gone......Kinvara 1-5, Kilconieron 0-3. A superb worked team point there for Kinvara.
19 mins gone.....Kinvara 1-6, Kilconieron 0-3. We doing well, but our opponents right on our toes. A long way to go yet.
23 mins gone.....Kinvara 1-7, Kilconieron 0-4.
25 mins gone.....Kinvara 1-7, Kilconieron 0-5. They bridge the gap with a pointed free from a tight angle.
29 mins gone.......Kinvara 1-7, Kilconieron 0-7. We giving away silly frees and they punishing us.

Halftime........Kinvara 1-8, Kilconieron 0-7. This game will go to the wire. Still, this is a game we can win, but a big flawless performance needed. You can see that they an older side than us, remember we have 11 of our starters U19. But heart and spirit we have in abundance and we can bet that our management will focus and get the best out of that.
U21 first half stats.
Kinvara scorers: Conor Whelan 0-5 (0-2 frees), Ronan Kilkelly 0-3 (0-2 frees), David Burke 1-0.
Wides: Kinvara 1, Kilconieron 0-9.
Frees for: Kinvara 6, Kilconieron 9.

Second half on......
29 mins left.......Kinvara 1-8, Kilconerion 0-8. A great reflex save by Daragh Kilkelly in our goals, but they follow up with a point.
25 mins left......Kinvara 1-9, Kilconieron 0-8. We didnt start the second half too brightly, but a Conor Whelan point has steadied us a bit.
24 mins left......Kinvara 1-10, Kilconieron 0-8
17 mins left.......Kinvara 1-10, Kilconieron 0-10. They coming back on us now.
15 mins left.......Kinvara 1-10, Kilconieron 0-11.
14 mins left.......Kinvara 1-10, Kilconieron 0-12. We under pressure. They on top at moment and we really need to steady things and get back on the scoreboard.
11 mins left......Kinvara 1-10, Kilconieron 0-13. All square here as we approach the final 10 mins. We not getting going and need to correct that fast.
8 mins left........Kinvara 1-13, Kilconieron 0-15. We take the lead again.
7 mins left........Kinvara 1-14, Kilconieron 0-15. We now two in the lead.
6 mins left........Kinvara 1-14, Kilconieron 0-16. They score another free to bring it back to a single.
4 mins left......Kinvara 1-15, Kilconieron 0-16.A great Conor Whelan score.
3 mins left.........Kinvara 1-16, Kilconieron 0-16. A massive 100 yard free by Ronan Kilkelly.
2 mins left..........Kinvara 1-16, Kilconieron 0-16. We still lead by 3 points. Another long range free now coming up for Ronan.......
Brillant point.....Kinvara 1-17, Kilconieron 0-16. Long range free pointed there again by Ronan. They now on the attack. They need a goal.
1 min left......Kinvara 1-17, Kilconieron 0-16. They have 21 yard free now. They are going for it................
Saved!!! Into injury time now.......Kinvara 1-17, Kilconieron 0-16. Brillant lads!
Injury time......they sent ball in again.....we coming out again.......they on attack again.....
Injury time.....all our lads behind the ball. We are not going to surrender. We still 4 points up. They send ball in again.....
Deep injury time.....they have '21. Going for goal........
Blocked by Kinvara!
U21 B semi.....ALL OVER!!!!!
Kinvara won!!!!!!!
Kinvara 1-17, Kilconieron 0-16.
The young guns advance to the county final. What a performance. What a closing 10 mins from Kinvara. Heart, passion, skill, desire, fire in the belly. 
We back in county final for first time in 10 years.
We last won the B title in 2003, full back that day was Mike McCormack. We lost the final in 1993 - David and Val McCormack played that day. Today we celebrate another great Kinvara performance, but our thoughts are with the McCormack lads and family as they head to Mount Cross with their father Tom.