Kilconieron prove a step too far for youthful Kinvara

posted 30 Mar 2013, 15:29 by Unknown user   [ updated 30 Mar 2013, 15:45 ]
KILCONIERON 2-18........KINVARA 2-12

Kinvara U21's battled bravely but just fell short to a Kilconieron side who now advance to this years U21 B Hurling semi-finals.
The following is the match updates as per our live facebook commentary...
"The day is dry and sunny but with a cold sting in the air. The pitch is dry and looking good and we are looking forward to this clash v Kilconieron in this U21 B quarter-final. Kinvara are waiting on the last couple of lads to arrive to tog! There is always someone who always arrives late - who was it in your day??? 
Throw in time 4pm.
Best of luck to manager John Linnane & Co.
Match underway and the Kinvara team is as follows:
Daragh Kilkelly, Philip McNamara, Tadgh Reynolds, Steve Bermingham, Shane Byrne, Jason O'Connor, James O'Hara, Caolan McMahon, Niall Bermingham, Ronan Kilkelly, David Burke, Dylan O'Hanrahan, Keith Naughton, Conor Whelan, Paddy Reid.
Subs: Tommie Kavanagh and Dara Flaherty and a very long injured list consisting of Nessan O'Hanrahan, Eanna Linnane, Mark Bermingham and Ruairi Cullinane.
Wind conditions are in favour of Kilconieron in first half so we'll have to batten down the hatches for the opening thirty minutes.
"4 mins gone. 
Early exchanges show that Kilconieron are a stronger side and a better age profile than the younger Kinvara side - they appear to have more players who are not minors. They've shot 2 early wides but have also taken an early one point lead. 
10 mins gone in first half: Kilconieron 0-5, Kinvara 0-1.
15 mins gone....Kinvara getting more on ball and have slotted over two more points. However, Kilconieron have got through for a goal so score now is....Kilconieron 1-5, Kinvara 0-3. Greetings to all tuning in from all over the world. Say hi!
22 mins gone...Kilconieron now 1-7 to Kinvara still 0-3. Vital 8 mins coming. A seven point deficit at the interval not a disaster with this wind, so matter of holding the Kilconieron forwards till the break.
"Game on! Halftime score is Kilconieron 1-7, Kinvara 1-6. Well, not only did we manage to hold their forwards in the last 8 minutes, but also managed to score 1-3 ourselves. That 1-3 was started by a long range Ronan Kilkelly free that found its way straight to the back of the net. Ronan says he was going for it!
This match is now all to play for.
"Halftime analysis....Our roving reporter in Craughwell is down amongst the supporters and getting their reaction. General feeling is that the last 10 minutes will give our lads confidence and more importantly belief that they can win this match. They also feel that we shouldnt read too much into this wind factor, as often team against the wind can come out on top. There is no doubt that Kilconieron were cruising and possibly heading to a double-figure lead at the interval. That has been blown apart and they now only one point up. Question is how they will react? If we can get a lead in this game we could very well hold on to it.
Other than that, the supporters are cold, trying to keep warm, but mood is now high. The temperature of this second half will keep them warm! Tune back in on the resumption.

And we're back on in Craughwell in this U21 B quarter-final. 
And its not the start we wanted......Kilconieron have raised another green flag, and score now reads Kilconieron 2-11, Kinvara 1-9. Com'on lads!
"12 mins left on the clock and its Kilconieron 2-14 to Kinvara's 1-11. Still all to play for but the edge seems to be with Kilconieron. We did say that in the first half and Kinvara came back so..... Our lads are going to have to dig deep for this one. And play with "Fire in the Bellies"!
9 mins left and Kinvara have brought the deficit back to 5 points. Kilconieron 2-14 to Kinvara 1-12.
Goal! A Ronan Kilkelly 21yrd free to the back of the net. Now three points in it...Kilconieron 2-15 to Kinvara 2-12.
Probably only 3 mins of normal time left. COME ON!!!!!!!!!
All over.....and not to be for Kinvara. Final score of Kilconieron 2-17 to Kinvara 2-12.
Phew! Hard luck lads. Ye gave it your all but wasnt to be. Had a great run. For the record the correct final score was 2-18 to 2-12. After our late goal, they went up the field and scored three points to seal the win. Overall, what can we say. A brave show by our lads. Not a win, but they won the hearts of all who followed them. Not to be repeating this fact, but our starting 15 consisted of 12 players u19, and we were missing through injury 4 keys players (incidently also all u19). 
Finally, as we sign off from the cold here in Craughwell, best of luck to Kilconieron in the semifinal. They were great opponents today and were a credit to their proud club. 
I'm off home now to the fire and a hot one! Thanks for tuning in.

Good Friday 29th April 2013, in Craughwell.