Determined Kinvara triumph in U21 quarters

posted 8 Nov 2014, 14:15 by Garret Byrne
U21B Hurling Championship quarter-final
Sat 8th Nov in Clarinbridge


Welcome LIVE to Clarinbridge for this U21B quarter-final between the Kinvara lads and the Connemara boys from Cois Fharraige (combination of Barna-Furbo, An Spideal and Ml Breathnach). Teams togged at this stage. Throw-in at 2pm.
The Kinvara teamsheet has been just slipped to me. The starting line-up has just one player overage next year, with only another 3 overage the following year - basically 11 of starting team are still underage in 2016!

Goals: Darragh Kilkelly.
Fullbacks: James Cronin Rodger, Tadhg Reynolds, Stephen Bermingham.
Half-backs: Shane Byrne, Eanna Linnane, Mark Bermingham.
Midfield: James O Hara, Ronan Kilkelly.
Half-forwards: Gary Kilkelly, Conor Whelan, David Burke.
Fullforwards: Ollie Nilan, Nessan O'Hanrahan, Rory Cullinane.
Subs:Alan Keane, Sean Linnane, Owen Whelan.

And the match is on! Its a fine day here in Clarinbridge. Surface is good , so well done to the host club this time of the year.
Kinvara are the underdogs, as Cois Fharraige aim to go better than last year when they lost the final.
5 mins gone....Kinvara 0-1, Cois Fharraige 0-1. We have another free now from halfway and Conor Whelan takes it...........againt the wind........short. They move it out.
U21B Listen Live on Raidio na Gaeltachta. Serious! Its on their Saturday sports programme with Sean Ban.
15 mins gone.....Kinvara 0-3, Cois Fharraige 0-2.
Great workrate by Kinvara against the bit of the wind. Remember this team beat us by 0-19 to 1-6 earlier in the year. The gap has been bridged that for sure.
25 mins gone: Cois Fharraige 0-7, Kinvara 0-5.
A goal for Kinvara. Gary Kilkelly I think it was who kicked it in. 
27 mins gone: Kinvara 1-5, Cois Fharraige 0-7.

U21B halftime:
Kinvara 1-5, Cois Fharraige 0-7. Great effort by all. Our opponents are very good, and we can expect much more from them in the second half. Kinvara, to a man, are going to have to up the ante in the second half to win this one. But great spirit shown already in the opening 30 mins.

Second half underway. Kinvara young guns have 30 mins to cause an upset and earn a place in the semi-final.
28 mins left....Cois Fhararaige 0-8, Kinvara 1-5
26 mins left....Kinvara have a free in now. Conor Whelan stands over it.....should be a point.......he looks.........lifts....shoots........GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He spotted a gap and rifled it home. 
Kinvara 2-5, Cois Fharraige 0-8.
15 mins left.......Kinvara 2-7 Cois Fharraige 0-10. Both sides exchanging scores but Kinvara keeping in front thanks to that second goal.
12 mins left..........Kinvara 2-10, Cois Fharraige 0-10.
11 mins left. Red card for Kinvara. We have it all to do now. Tremendous display so far. Another point. Kinvara 2-11, Cois Fharraige 0-10. Keep it up lads.
10 mins left......Kinvara 2-12, Cois Fharraige 0-10. Drive it home lads.
6 mins left......still Kinvara 2-12, Cois Fharraige 0-10. Defending is absolutely brilliant. The backs are putting everything into it - limbs and all. Workrate massive throughout.
4 mins left. They throwing everything at us. Ball blocked. But they get point. Now 7 point margin for us. These last few mins will be hectic.
2 mins left: Kinvara 2-13, Cois Fharraige 0-11. Another score there for Kinvara.
And another point there - superb play by David Burke and set up James O'Hara.
2-14 to 0-11. Home and dry now.
1 min left. A goal for them. It had to come. Now Kinvara 2-14 to Cois Fharraige 1-11. We have a 6 point cushion still.
Injury time now. Effort by Owen Whelan just fell short. We have sideline now. Just wide.
Still injury time. And we working like its the first minute. We lead by six.
They have free in. Its dropped in. Scramble. But Tadhg Reynolds comes out with it. Blow it up ref!
Deep deep injury time now. They have '65. Blocked.

U21B quarter-final.....all over!
Kinvara 2-15, Cois Fharraige 1-11.
What a display from Kinvara. Remember they beat us 0-19 to 1-6 in an earlier round. And remember, we played 18 players today, and all but 4 of them are underage still in two years time. We really dug deep today and played with "fire in the belly". We now play Kilconieron in the semi-final.