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Thanks from U14 Feile boys manager

posted 29 Jun 2011, 05:40 by Unknown user
From Ollie Bergin, Juvenile Club Secretary and U14 Hurling Manager
I want to take an opportunity to say a few words to all the players, parents and mentors of the under 14 panel.
I know some of the boys were very dejected after the game on Friday but I must say that they have no reason to be. In the Feile Division 2, they were the most successful team from Galway and the only one to finish second in their group and were beaten by probably the second best team in the competition. It is difficult to compete with county champions from the second tier in hurling and was always going to be a tough task to match them. A great plus for the club also was that we took the opportunity to give all members of the panel the opportunity to play in Feile and they can all say that they played Feile. 

Returning to the barberque last Sunday, as I was in the queue to get food I looked down at the back field in Keoghs and saw all the boys down playing hurling in the field and cajoling and messing with one another and was absolutely delighted to see that. It is great to see that they are enjoying the sport and we can take huge encouragement from the fact that they always seem to enjoy playing and practising.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the parents who helped in every way through the preparation and running of the Feile and also throughout the year during our local competitions. The event could not have occurred without your support and the club would not exist without it either. I hope that this community spirit and local support can continue into the future and have no doubt that this togetherness will help our club prosper and help it reach new heights. 

Finally I would like to thank the most important people of all, the players. I am pretty new to the game of coaching, but I have to say that I enjoyed working with them. Of course I would be lying if I said it was all plain sailing and there were times when frustration would get the better of you, but I think they are all great characters there in different ways and they are kids that you all can be very proud of. As I said previously, I take great heart in seeing them out practising together and gives great hope for the future. I think that overall they enjoyed the season (although there is still at least one game to go), and were busy for the last few months (they had 18 games in all competitions ) and all we want is for the kids to participate and enjoy. 

Thank you all for your support, 

Ollie Bergin