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Kinvara v Castlegar......Previous meetings

posted 10 Jul 2013, 15:31 by Unknown user
There is no doubting the rivalry that exists between Kinvara and Castlegar. The city side rank 4th in the tables of who we've played most, with only Sarsfields, Gort and Ardrahan having met us more. 
Add to that is the fact that they beat us in our first ever County Final appearance in 1979, while we in 2007 denied them their first County Final appearance for 20 years (since 1987). Both those matches are to the core of our rivalry, and no doubt his Saturday will dig a bit more deeper!

This Saturday will be our 10th championship meeting, and of the previous 9 clashes, Castlegar have won 6, with Kinvara winning 3 of them.
Our paths crossed over 3 different eras -
1979 - 1985.......3 meetings in 6 seasons
1991 - 1993.......2 meetings in 3 seasons
2007 - to date.......5 meetings in 7 seasons (including this Saturday)

Castlegar top the role of honour of Galway SHC titles and this era of 79 to 85 was the last time they were a force in the local club scene. They contested 5 county finals, winning two of them in 79 and 84. They also reached two All-Ireland club finals, winning one in 79/80. 
Our first meeting came in 79, and after a very long wait for Kinvara for the final, the day itself didn't go our way and Castlegar proved too strong and experienced. They also beat us well in a group tie in 82 and repeated it again in 85. 

After a lapse of 6 years, Kinvara met Castlegar again in 1991. Kinvara were going through transition at this stage with some older lads of the 79 team reaching the end of their career (Kevin Huban, Frank Quinn, Sean Forde, Ger Curtin), while new young 17-19 year olds were being introduced (Gerry Huban, Anthony Byrne, Michael Curtin, Pat Costello, Mike Kilkelly, Sean Moran).
In 1990 Kinvara struggled badly, failing to field in two matches due to a variety of reasons, and just escaped relegation. But they bounced back in 91 reaching a quarter-final only to be bet by Sarsfieds. Our first group match in 91 was against Castlegar and again they got the better of us. 
1992 was another poor year for Kinvara, losing all group matches, but, again, playing ourselves to safety in the relegation battle.
So to 1993, and the opening group match was a clash with Castlegar, who we had yet to beat. It was in Kenny Park when we shell-shocked our opponents to win by the slimest of margins. Two more young lads hit the stage that year, with both Eamon Mongan and Val McCormack playing their parts. 

2007 - to date
And so onwards to the current era that is still continuing. The rivalry between the two clubs has been re-ignited in recent years with this weekends clash being the 5th since 2007. We beat them twice in that year - once in the group and followed up with another in the county semi-final, in which the introduction of Gerry Mac helped seal the win in what was a memorable occasion for our club. 
Since 07, the victories has headed to the city side, with wins in both 09 and 12 group stages. Their win in 09 came from a goal late into injury time, while last year our 2012 clash saw them taking a seven point lead on three occasions, with us almost catching up to them on the final whistle, only to lose by a single point.

Well, there you go. As you will see from the below summary, the winning margins in the early clashes were in the early teens. However, in recent times the margin was been minimum, with the 3 of the last 5 clashes only being won by a single point.  
It will be close again this Sunday. Castlegar won the first 4 clashes, Kinvara won the next 3, Castlegar won the next 2....................can you see the trend? Yes, Kinvara to win the next one!

SHC Group C tie, in Kenny Park, Athenry Saturday 13th July at 7:00pm

The winner takes all!  

 Year Stage Winner
 1979 Final Castlegar 2-13 beat Kinvara 0-6
 1982 Group Castlegar 3-13 beat Kinvara 1-5
 1984 Group Castlegar 2-14 beat Kinvara 0-5
 1991 Group Castlegar 3-7 beat Kinvara 1-6
 1993 Group Kinvara 1-11 beat Castlegar 1-10
 2007 Group Kinvara 1-9 beat Castlegar 0-10
 2007 Semi-Final Kinvara 3-14 beat Castlegar 2-11
 2009 Group Castlegar 3-10  beat  Kinvara 2-12
 2012 Group Castlegar 1-18 beat Kinvara 2-12