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Juvenile Club News Nov'12

posted 13 Nov 2012, 02:02 by Unknown user
Hi All,
This is an update on juvenile club activities. It gives updates on items discussed at our last meeting, plus updates on other events that have happened in the meantime.

It has come about, after much negotiation, that the club are at contract stage to purchase 5 and 1/2 acres next door to our field. The land is behind the dressing room / training pitch area. Phase 1 of the project is the purchase of land, and that is currently underway at present. Phase 2 wil be next year with planning for development. It is hoped that the new development would include a new full sized pitch, astro area, full-size wallball, and incorporate a walking / jogging track around the perimeter.
Our original pitch opened 51 years ago. Before that there was no pitch in Kinvara. We now have chance to improve on that. This is a huge undertaking for the community, the club, and especially as it will be a major facility for the kids of our parish. We in the juvenile club should be most supportive of this and help in whtaever way possible.

To help raise funds for purchase of pitch, it is decided to hold a monster auction on Sun 25th Nov. Many of you are already involved in this helping collect items, etc.... Much other help will be be needed. If you can assist then please contact Paddy Barry, 087-9185309, Juvenile Club Co-ordinator.

The club has recently undertaken a club review. Every member of the club were asked to contribute. The final product is quite impressive and was presented to the club executive last night. What will happen next is a meeting to hopefully approve it.
The review is a very positive report (over 40 pages - thanks Ollie!), and it combines all our ideas and recommendations to help make our club better. We will have more info on this in due course. I feel we should all embrace the report as it is carried out by the club, for the club, with the club in mind. In fact, once read it actually makes one feel excited about next year already!

Thanks to all who help and participated. This was again a great success. It was great to se th eyougner kids play one half hurling / one half football. Credit also to all as it ran perfectly on time.
I would like to thank juvenile club president Catherine Kilkelly who presented medals and cups on the day. She was so tired from shaking hands that she could barely hold her 10th cup of tea!  

We are delighted that 4 members are currently doing the Level 1 course - David Huban, Pat Conole, Francis Comyn and Johnny Donohue. Mick O'Hara also recently completed the Foundation Level.
We will be pushing any others to do courses again in new year, especially we strongly urge that all coaches have minimum foundation level done. This is a requirement of the GAA, so we hope all can try fulfill that.

Currently up and running in hurling is:
* U15s - Wedesdays on Astro 6-7pm 
* u12s - Tuesdays on Astro 7-8pm
* u10s - Fridays on Astro 6-7pm
* u8s and u6s - Sundays on Astro 12-1pm 

Other points:
- there is no football training at present.
- we have booked slots in the new hall at the Kinvara NS. Will all group managers let us know if they wish to use. As far as i recall, we have booked Tues 6-7pm and Fri 6-7pm.  
- we may try to get "outside" or "inside" coach/player to come in for a session to each of the above groups, and I will check with managers on this. Already, Gerry Mac has told me he could do a session.

Some members recently underwent this course, organised by the local community. We will forward any info on new courses if we hear. It is something we strongly recommend people to do, not just for gaa purposes, but you never know.......

We will be organising a basic first aid course, they may be 1-2 hours some evening. Due to auction taking place this month, we will hold off and plan to have this during December.

6. AGM
We had orginally planned to have agm in November. Again, since all focus at present is on auction, we will push it out, and aim to have possibly first week in December.

We havent forgot! We had mentioned before we will do this. Again, since all focus at present is on auction, we will push out again, and aim to have possibly mid December.

We are looking into issuing a calendar for the christmas. Due to auction, we will not be looking for any sponsors.

Club PRO Enda Mongon will be putting together a newsletter for the Christmas. We will be hoping to have article from each juvenile manager. This can be general rundown of the year, or particular event (such as la na gclub).
Kids love to see their names written down, so maybe try include a full panel list. Dont leave anyone out! 
Enda will be in touch with more info, but expect a deadline of November 30th.
We need all managers to contribute  - delegate if necessary!

We will shortly be issuing procedures for coaches if a played gets injured. This will cover from dealing with a small cut ourselves, to having to bring them to doctor. It will also include responsiblity of reporting all injuries to club, as perhaps insurance forms may have to be issued.

Thats it for now.