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Confusion over Minor result

posted 23 Apr 2013, 14:23 by Unknown user   [ updated 23 Apr 2013, 14:23 ]
Kinvara Minor match yesterday eve v Loughrea ended in some drama and confusion. The Referee had declared the match a draw on the final whistle (3-7 to 3-7), which corresponded to what all players on both sides felt, and also what our score-noters had. However, the referee was subsequently surrounded by irate Loughrea people who insisted that they won by a point. The referee came to the Kinvara dressingroom door 5 mins later and informed the Kinvara side that he had made a mistake and in fact we lost by a point...3-8 to 3-7.
The score is currently recorded on the Galway GAA website, and a result we have it recorded here likewise.
Perhaps an item being confused was a Loughrea point effort, that went wide. One umpire signalled wide, while the other signalled a point. However, the referee did not signal himself it was a point and apparently never included in his notebook as a result. 
It is unfortunate for both sides that this has arisen, as both sides gave a great evenings entertainment and gave it their all for their respective jerseys.