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A wee ditty!

posted 31 Aug 2014, 01:00 by Garret Byrne

The U13 squad and management would like to thank everyone for the support and best wishes, before, during and after the match last Thursday.
Here's a wee ditty penned by a certain Donegal man!

Kinvara Under 13’s – County Champions 2014 – 29AUG14:


It all started in January, in the wind and the rain,

And it ended last night, in much the same vein,

All the work and training and the games we had played,

To get us to our final as the light began to fade,


County Champions we became after eight months of toil,

The first for a decade to hit our Kinvara Soil,

Car horns blowing in a convoy of joy,

Life-long memories for every single boy,


From Ciaran in goals – sure handed and strong,

To full back Patrick – never put a foot wrong,

Dean in one corner – skilful and certain,

To Rossa in the other – closing gaps like a curtain,


With Conaill in the middle – our captain, team stalwart,

Out to David on the wing – lots of speed going forward,

Aodhan was on the other side, fleet-footed and classy,

Up to Joey in the middle – all speedy and sassy,


Beside Joey was Jake – our long range score getter,

Ruairi on the wing – just got better and better,

Donal on the other side – all energy and passion,

To Aidan in the middle – playing awkward, his fashion,


Darragh played corner – a true sniper of renown,

With Brendan our target man – no one could put down,

Improving Tom in the corner completes the starting team,

Into the bench I’ll go - and start with Karim,


He’s a forward of aggression – all flicks and sharp twists,

Next is wee Danny – great ball striker, lovely wrists,

There’s rock solid Darren – a defender of strength,

With Conor a young lad of prodigious length,


Oran is there reliable and stable,

Donal ever-improving, willing and able,

Michael – arch poacher – earnest and keen,

Barry – adaptable – every position he’s seen,


Eoghan’s works hard and has improved his skill-set,

Martin’s a future starter – there’s no surer bet,

Cian joined us late and got better as time passed,

Tuan wraps it up - someone had to be last.


No squad wins anything without heart and desire,

This squad has it all – their work would inspire,

Onwards and upwards to “A” hurling we now go,

Another championship perhaps – well you never know,


A few words should be said on the boy’s management team,

That all came together and delivered on the dream,

Five disparate characters of varying strengths,

For this team – they’d go to any and all lengths,


 There was Francis the manager – quality leadership throughout,

And Michael, game reader, the enforcer no doubt

Eamon – game tactician – quiet and assured,

Niall – the admin man, frayed nerves he cured.


A final few verses to thank everyone involved,

As the title winning riddle was finally solved,

To parents who supported us through thick and thin,

As our boys improved and learnt how to win,


There’s too many to mention everyone by name,

You know who you are – you were part of our game,

We’ve done it at last, our boys have a county medal,

No rest for the wicked though our foot’s to the pedal.

(By Paddy Barry)