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All to play for in U14 B Championship

posted 4 May 2013, 15:01 by Unknown user
What a finale we have this coming Monday as the final round of matches takes place in this years U14B Hurling Championship.

As it stands, only Liam Mellows are guaranteed a Championship semi-final spot. That is sure. After that there are many permutations. Both Salthill and Abbeyknockmoy know that a win would do it for them, but a defeat for each and they could possibly lose out, although Salthill are guaranteed minimum a playoff spot. Abbeyknockmoy, currently in 3rd, could be leapfrogged to 5th if they lose, and both Kiltormer and Tommie Larkins win. 
Only Mullagh cannot qualify but they are beginning to find some late form, as seen in their great win last week over Tommie Larkins. 
The best that Kinvara and Oranmore-Maree can hope for is a play-off, but that needs each of them to win and other results to go their way. Kiltormer and Tommie Larkins are slightly better off, but still need to win on Monday, although a defeat could get them a play-off (depending on other results).

In summary, each side will go out to win and basically see what happens. They can only play their own match, and put all their focus on that. 
It will be an interesting Monday!

Round 7 matches fixed for this Monday 6th May:
Kinvara v Kiltormer
Abbeyknockmoy v Mullagh
Salthill-Knocknacarra v Oranmore-Maree
Tommie Larkins v Liam Mellows

For Kinvara, we need the following to happen..........Kinvara to beat Kiltormer, Liam Mellows to beat Tommie Larkins, and Salthill to beat Oranmore. That would leave us in joint 4th place with Kiltormer and Tommie Larkins....and a play-off. Not asking for much!

Team P W D L Pts
Liam Mellows 6 5 0 1 10
Salthill 6 4 0 2 8
Abbeyknockmoy 6 3 1 2 7
Kiltormer 6 3 0 3 6
Tommy Larkins 6 3 0 3 6
Kinvara 6 2 0 4 4
Oranmore-Maree 6 1 2 3 4
Mullagh 6 1 1 4 3

Round 6 Results:
Oranmore 2-9 beat Kinvara 2-3
Liam Mellows 3-8 beat Abbeyknockmoy 2-2
Mullagh 1-9 beat Tommie Larkins 1-3
Kiltormer 1-9 beat Salthill 0-2
Round 5 Results:
Liam Mellows 1-5 beat Kinvara 0-7
Abbeyknockmoy 1-5 drew Oranmore 2-2
Tommie Larkins 3-6 beat Kiltormer 3-4
Salthill 2-10 beat Mullagh 3-5
Round 4 Results:
Kinvara 2-8 beat Mullagh 2-7
Salthill 1-3 beat Liam Mellows 0-1
Tommie Larkins 0-8 beat Oranmore 1-3
Abbeyknockmoy 0-6 beat Kiltormer 1-1
Round 3 Results:
Salthill 3-10 beat Kinvara 1-3
Oranmore 0-3 drew Mullagh 0-3
Liam Mellows 2-5 beat Kiltormer 0-5
Abbeyknockmoy 1-5 v T. Larkins 1-1
Round 2 Results:
Abbeyknockmoy 4-1 beat Kinvara 0-3
Tommy Larkins 2-4 beat Salthill 0-4
Liam Mellows 5-6 beat Oranmore-Maree 0-3
Kiltormer 1-5 beat Mullagh 1-3
Round 1 Results:
Kinvara 1-02 beat Tommy larkins 1-01
Salthill 2-02 beat Abbeyknockmoy 0-06
Kiltormer 6-05 beat Oranmore-Maree 4-05
Liam Mellows 0-05 beat Mullagh 1-01